Personal and Business Coaching

The focus of personal and business coaching is working through challenges and achieving outcomes with a solution and outcome focus. The coaching may pertain to personal or professional challenges, developing insight, developing personal or external resources, personal and/or professional motivation, accountability, measured progress and achieving desired outcomes. In business, you may be at start-up phase, or you may be successfully commercialised with a specific project or outcome that has prompted you to seek a professional ally.

Coaching is for those focused on achieving aspirations, realising goals and working through personal or professional projects, health, lifestyle or relationship goals. If you are wanting support or assurance to be successful in any of these areas then a few key things are needed:

  • a definitive approach to maintaining progress and motivation that suits you,
  • a measurable and structured approach forward to desired results,
  • ongoing support and accountability in developing and working through a course of action to achieve a chosen outcome in life.

If these and an ally to bring it all together resonates, then a personal coach is a great option for you. This is a solution-focused and strengths-based approach to support you in clarifying, planning and achieving your goals.

Coaching covered:

  • Personal projects and transformation
  • Entrepreneurial and business projects
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal or Professional Relationships
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, Qigong and Taiji

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