Hello, I’m Colin Chenery and I have a passion for personal development and supporting others through life challenges. In both my personal life and professional work, I enjoy working with those who share my desire to live consciously and authentically from the heart with free spirit and mind.

I love gaining greater understanding and awareness of the mental, emotional and physical dynamics of dealing with and overcoming challenges in life, such as pain, disappointment, grief, or doubt, and creating adventure, happiness and wellbeing.

Through my work as counsellor, coach and speaker I get to work in the space of getting to know and help people through challenges and achieving desired outcomes. Benefiting others where it matters and making a difference is a passion and gives me a sense of meaning and purpose in what I do.

My work life so far spans more than forty years. It includes twenty years co-founding and running a health-industry company, and over twenty years of counselling experience. I studied psychology and have a counselling diploma through the AIPC. I am a member of the Australian Counsellors Association (ACA) with links to various professional bodies and services. Key areas I have worked with in private practice are relationships, stress and anxiety, loss and self-development. Six years with alcohol and drug services has also helped me further in helping people through wanted changes, crisis and life transitions.

In recent years, I have stepped back from running a company with a team and business partners. My children are now independent young adults, with some grandchildren who make me proud added to our tribe. The decades of various experiences and pursuits, while applying much of my training to my own challenges, helps me in delivering value to my counselling and coaching private practice clients.

My focus now is on my sessions with individual clients, writing, working with groups and preparing programs – all mostly through online delivery. Online business and services means I can travel and be in multiple locations as well as cater to people who are also comfortable with online services for their own reasons and convenience.

I also have over 40 years of martial arts training, achieving black belts in a number of disciplines. I have studied and trained in China and Japan, instructed in a number of disciplines, and am currently Australian National Squad Head Coach of the Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC) organisation. My daily meditation practice spans almost four decades and over the last 20 years I have also incorporated yoga into my ongoing practices. This has led me to start developing online programs in mindfulness with movement and relaxation utilising techniques and sequences people can use daily.

I currently divide my time between Japan and Australia, travel restrictions permitting, spending time with family and close friends, professional and personal study and practices.

I invite you to utilise my skills, experience and services on offer which I will devote to helping you in your own journey and I look forward to working with you.