Colin Chenery has a passion for personal and spiritual development – both his own and those who share his desire to live consciously from the heart with free spirit and mind in an authentic, personal way.

After a long and successful career as a therapist and business director in the health and wellness industry Colin recently reached a point where he knew he wanted to enter a new phase of life by putting his interests in self-awareness and spirituality front and centre.

Colin has walked a deeply spiritual path throughout his life. His devotion, discipline, thirst for knowledge and wealth of experience mean he is well placed to draw on some widely known traditional holy teachings and bring some fresh perspectives to them via his blog and forthcoming book that blends philosophy, scripture and scientific theory.

 As a long time student of various esoteric, religious and spiritual systems, Colin is motivated by a desire to understand reality and the spiritual path in universal terms. Through his writing he explores a modern approach to developing personal spiritual experience in daily life and highlights key principles of traditional scripture and teachings that are universally relevant.

Colin has over 40 years of martial arts training with black belts in a number of disciplines. He has studied and trained in China and is currently Australian National Squad Head Coach of the Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC) organisation. His daily meditation practice spans almost four decades and over the last 20 years he has also incorporated yoga into his own personal quest for understanding mind, body and spirit.

Colin currently divides his time between Japan and Australia, spending time with his children and grandchildren, and continues his devoted study and practice of yoga, meditation, martial arts and spiritual knowledge.