Reflections of Inner Self

With body yet can’t be touched or seen

A fragrant essence unknown to any nose

Incomparable intimacy easily overlooked

Expansive beyond comprehension


Always with us

Yet often forgotten

Creativity beyond expression

The spark that can’t be extinguished


Here is our guide who does not intrude

Inspiring the beholder of beauty and goodness

Without bringing attention to itself

Irrepressible even in toil and trouble


To lay our grief before its silent presence

We find new depths of compassion

Offering it our weariness or despair

We realise resilience, hope and faith


Fear of loss dissolves in it’s eternal fullness

Affirming the imperishable

It embraces our fragility

Prompting care and compassion for all


Greater transcendence invites us to be bolder

As overwhelming inevitabilities make us falter

A journey through time and getting older

Elusive joy buoys the frailty of form


The more at stake invested in these unseen hands

That always support through testing trials

Comes knowledge and certainty of purpose

In every nudge that stirs us to hold our own


When there’s no more to loose

We find nothing is lost

Then love without cause reveals

The most loved of loves


The dearest friend of friends

Who is always at our call

When the eyes to see are opened

What more is there but be its offer each moment


Purpose arises in sharing the silent treasures

From a simple gesture in being present

To delight as a creative channel flows forth

From non-resistance to being its hand and voice


Thank you to this ever new mystery

To those who play its precious parts

May we all align to its boundless presence

Through gifted minds and hearts


Colin Chenery

For Dianne

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Like Waves and Drops of the Ocean

Waves and little drops play their timeless dance,

Rolling, bubbling, splashing and spraying,

Rising and falling silently or reaching high to crash and tumble,

From shoreline the steady timeless rumble or quiet lapping.


Coming into form then merging and returning to formlessness,

Always an inseparable expression and action of the sea,

Seeming to revel in motion when towering dramatically and suddenly,

Or languidly rising and falling rarely cresting with power dormant.


Wave and drop a brief and minuscule extension of vast ocean,

Shaped by the winds of time and chaotic turbulences amidst a familiar flow,

Oblivious to massive tides and planetary forces that also shape their paths,

Of forming and re-forming, again and again merging with the source of their substance.


Their own watery substance reflecting the unfathomable depths below,

Every wave and drop expresses unique beauty of infinite form and detail,

Each necessary in the passage of time to the continuity of the whole,

Ripples united in a play of the vast sea and the elements that shape them.


Always apart in form yet unified in substance,

Sometimes crashing together, moving indefinitely apart, always moving in pattern,

The waves and little drops know no name or definition,

No views and differences of opinion about their nature, source or destiny.


There is no argument or agreement about the depths beneath,

No consensus required on preferences for conditions,

Of wind, sun and rain, for calm stillness or storm,

Each one manifested by the same energies and elements that form them.


How grand that we know our own nature,

That knowledge, name and form allow us to evolve ourselves while in form,

Shaping and developing our own world around us as well as our little selves,

Our source and destiny a great ocean of life and consciousness from which we rise and merge.


Must knowing the form come with the folly of forgetting the unseen whole,

Treachery of knowledge, power of naming and categorising entrapping the mind,

Consuming identity and nature when defined by separateness and conflict,

The vast inseparable source reduced to division, or rejection or forgotten altogether.


It is only in knowing the waves and drops minutely,

Relative to the inseparable interactive elements of ocean, wind, and earth,

Vast whirling planets and space that direct the tide and bring it all to bare,

May true understanding arise embracing both form and formless forces.


Yet does knowledge reveal of the beauty of the calm sea and terribleness of the storm,

The humility in feeling the vast power of ocean and earth and their gift of life,

Vital freshness or bite of salty wetness and the glory of riding cresting wave,

Knowing that arises from realms of the heart and in the rich depths of experience.


Heart and mind, knowledge and experience, form and formlessness,

Material and consciousness, phenomenal and ethereal, master and servant,

One without the other a blissful ignorance or sorrowful suffering,

While embracing what is, as both and neither is to come nearer to creator.


Only in detail are we uniquely personal and evolving understanding,

All else is diversity in unified experience of shared challenges and forces,

Directing the farsighted to oneness of realisation and revelation, eternal being and meaning,

Glorious and miraculous that we are also that, the vast and unified ocean of consciousness.


By Colin Chenery

Photo credit: <a href=””>bostik_</a&gt; via <a href=”″></a&gt; / <a href=””&gt; CC BY-NC-ND</a>