Why Counselling?

Life challenges and especially crisis can be painful or confusing. They can feel painful, disappointing and come with set-backs. They can also be opportunities to grow, heal, and find clarity and new ground within ourselves and life.

Counselling is about professional support through these times at whatever level is needed and in a way that suits each individual. I’m offering evidence-based approaches combined with life and professional experience to support you in achieving whatever you need at this point in your life.

You may be dealing with stress and anxiety or wanting support in initiating or getting through transitions in life. You may feel you are struggling to cope, in crisis. Alternatively, you may be needing some support to achieve a desired change, work through an issue or personal crisis, or getting clear with significant decision-making.

The Counselling Approach

The counselling approach offered here is based on person-centred counselling, dealing with you as the expert in your life, while offering support for you to gain insight and work through your challenges, developing skills and strategies that meet your purpose for counselling. This is not about giving advice, it is about help and guidance for you to gain insight, knowledge, clarity on what is going on for you for you to discover the best pathway forward is for you. The gifts that come out of the counselling journey, like all beneficial life experiences, will continue to be of value throughout life.

Sessions are Telehealth sessions via my clinical Telehealth system or on Zoom.

Various counselling and psychotherapy approaches may be drawn upon, the actual mix and application provided is individualised to you, your preferences, unique situation and issues.

Key modalities include;

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Solution Focused Therapy

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Psychodynamic/Past Therapy

Breath and Mindfulness

Concerns covered: Relationship, personal issues or conflict (personal and business); stress and anxiety management; life-change/transitions; decision-making, communication issues and skills; spiritual counselling (non-denominational).

Privacy and Confidentiality: The counselling and therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client is vital to the counselling process. All sessions are conducted professionally, privately and are strictly confidential. You will be briefed at the beginning through an informed consent and confidentiality agreement, providing information and answering any questions in regard to the counselling process and confidentiality. This will include your part in ensuring your device in the online session is secure and that you also conduct it in a private space.

Counselling offered to all ages from 18 onwards. You are welcome to ask any questions in the contact/enquiry form , book a free 30 minute Discovery Call, or book a session.