A hearty welcome to ColinChenery.com!

My intention here is to connect with a readership of like minded souls, in an exploration of the nature of our reality and life in a way that is useful and thought provoking, especially to you the reader.

We are all fellow travellers in this amazing existence. In the hustle and bustle of life we can loose sight of the big picture and the true essence of what our real sense of purpose and meaning is in existing and living here and now. However, taking time to be still and fully present in ourselves on a regular basis, can be done in a great variety of ways and provides many benefits that will be part of the content in this site. In addition, these practices and benefits must also connect with our daily lives, our sense of self while in action, especially in our relationships and quality of connection with others.

To nourish greater awareness, self-realisation and personal experience of a spiritual dimension there is so much in ancient teachings that can be rediscovered when we redefine many of the ageless gems in a modern context. Also new perspectives from many modern scientific studies that can profoundly change our approach and perspectives in defining what quality of life and quality of consciousness really is. This journey of discovery, self-education and personal practice enriches our sense of personal progress, meaning and purpose in potentially all aspects of our lives.

For example, new sciences suggest that at a quantum level reality is, at its foundations, much more mysterious and different to the Newtonian laws that characterise the universe we perceive with our normal physical senses. Once we get to sub-atomic levels of the existence of ourselves and the universe we live in, more mysteries than answers are changing the way leading minds view reality, time and space, energy and matter. Many science writers are asking deep questions about the existence of consciousness in reality and their relationship.

Deepak Chopra in his 2017 book “You are the Universe” encapsulates much discussion in a proposed model of logic that asserts we are in a conscious universe that is experiencing itself through an evolutionary process that includes infinite forms of energy and matter. This is compared to the idea that we are in a random universe that has improbability developed a stable system of energy and matter from the Big Bang, while also freakishly and randomly creating diverse life forms and self conscious beings. While maths can now explain many universal phenomena, many fundamental and observable aspects of our reality remain unexplained and how or why it is here in the first place remains elusive to materialists.

On this site I will be exploring the themes of us each being purposeful focal points of consciousness in a living and conscious universe. We are not just biologically evolved automatons. We are each unique and inseparable parts of a universal manifestation and expression of a shared consciousness that can be referred to as cosmic mind. I will explore non-religious and well as some religious themes to look at how modern world frames of reference and investigation are redefining new and ancient principles of who we are, why we are here, as well as points of view on purpose and destiny in life for each of us.

While some information can get abstract, it can be very practical and relevant in each moment if we combine an increased understanding with deep contemplation or meditation in still moments of relaxed mind and heart. It is a yogic principle that we experience a sense of oneness and connected when the mind and heart are still, open and relaxed.

Add to this conscious intent in our daily activities based on values, meaning and purpose and we can become increasingly aligned with our own nature and that of life around us. With this consciousness and alignment comes incredible value in life experience, as well as new horizons of what is possible. We can truly be and create whatever we want when we gain an increasing sense of our true nature as an expression of the true nature of life and consciousness itself. The ongoing realisation and conscious alignment of this is accessible to us all. We can only take ownership of these new insights and personal horizons when we apply them with conviction.

I truly do not seek to convert and influence anyone to my way of thinking, but rather to put forward view points from deep contemplation and various sources of knowledge and ideas to inspire and be of service to others.

Our awakening is a living process that is both deeply personally and most fulfilled when mutually shared. Each of us has a unique take on reality, so sharing insight and universal truths is not about achieving a false uniformity or full ideological agreement. Life and reality are profound when contemplated and fully experienced in the present moment. Sharing insight, knowledge and perspectives can bring us closer to a profound experience of unity while celebrating the diversity and expression of universal truths individually, culturally and collectively.

What are your passions, hopes, vision of what life is truly about, and your vision of what ultimate destiny is possible for each of us? What gets you up in the morning and is your underlying ‘why’ or common purpose for applying yourself fully to anything? Do you feel there is something going on ‘behind the scenes’ of which the situations, objects and daily occurrences of life are but shadows or projections of what is really happening? Evolving and transforming your understanding of these types of questions can be incredibly empowering and part of the maturing of who you are as a self-conscious being. True knowledge is not a static set of beliefs but an ever transformative experience of being engaged in a living and conscious universe or reality.

I hope you will find some gems of inspiration, good sources of information and thought provoking insights as this site develops. Please let me know what really interests you in gaining a deeper understanding of your own purpose and inner nature. Does your interest and recognition, maybe even a calling to a deeper truth, come with a sense of a shared source and destiny? Is this reflected in your own life and relationships?

In love and service,

Colin Chenery

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